Who loves farmhouse weddings? This girl! 

     Secret time! This was my first ever wedding as a second shooter. For those reading this that do not know what a second shooter is - it is a photography assistant. I am there to make the day go along smoothly and to ensure that there are no important moments missed. Well, during this wedding I had no clue what I was doing. I brought one lens with me and it was not the best. I was very unprepared and stressed out. Annalise (main photographer) was so kind to me while trying to direct everyone else. She slowed down and helped me with my camera settings and even taught me how to operate a flash for the first time. The wedding was delightful and was packed with so many unknowns and learning experiences. Even though I was sweating bullets the whole time I was learning so much! The reception was difficult because of all the movement and flashing lights. Flipping through the images on my camera I knew most of them were out of focus and blurry but I kept shooting all the way to the end of the evening. 

After the wedding was over I gave Annalise my memory card and hoped for the best. She encouraged me and told me that I did well for my first time. I could hardly sleep because I was so nervous. A couple months later I received my memory card back and the images above are the only ones I truly loved. I laid in puddle of tears for a good couple hours in disappointment. I told her over and over I was sorry with how the images turned out and she still asked me to come and second shoot with her again. I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT! She wants me to second shoot for her again even if my images did suck because she values my work. Granted I have grown a bunch since this wedding but I am still grateful for the grace. 

 ANNALISE MARIE PHOTOGRAPHY: http://annalisemariephotography.com


Go check her out!

I loved shooting for Annalise! Her work is beautiful and her link is below.


These two love birds are newly engaged! Woop woop! I actually gave away a free session on my Instagram a few months ago and this couple were my winners. I delight when I find a couple that fits my brand.  Brit and Colin were willing to do a small hike to get these photos. It was 105 degrees outside the day of the shoot and we were all sweaty. My hair was sticking to my face and my makeup kept smearing all over camera. It was literally a hot mess! We even managed to get pricked and poked by a few local cactus near by. Oh goodness, the things we do to capture a moment. 



When creating my ideas for this shoot I knew I wanted a western feel mixed with a bold glam. This shoot is the definition of my personality. I never know if I want to be loud and flashy or if I want to wear denim and get dirty. When dreaming up this shoot I knew I had the most perfect model. Katie has been my best friend since 7th grade and who would be better to demonstrate my vision? Katies red hair mixed with the sand had me in awh. I wish I could rock vibrant red hair and not look like I was trying too hard. Anyways, I loved this shoot and I cannot wait to do more like it. Thanks Kat for being a flipping babe.