Hey There!

I swear I never really know what to write about myself but here it goes! 

I am currently living in Arizona with my hubby and two puppies. My life looks like throwing on a backpack for the next adventure or binge watching Game of Thrones in the middle of the night. I love meeting new people and connecting over meetings. To me, we all have something in common or something to laugh about. The truth is I try to never take myself too seriously and I don't want you too either. A lot of people say they are awkward during photos and thats because mostly everyone is and THAT IS OKAY! Only models are fully confident in front of the camera and that is why you hire a photographer to help you relax and make the session more natural. I love to pose couples, families and bridal portraits to never look cheesy. I want to capture who you are and not some artificial perception I have created. I want to become your friend and treat you like so. Lets create some magic, yeah? 


Ashley Guice

Our Story

My husband and I have been married for about a year now and let me tell you it is hard work! I love him and we are always pushing each other to do make the right choice and to chase our dreams. We are constantly supporting one another in our destiny as human beings. We are so different but so in love. Rob is such a hottie, freaking just look at him. For all you older women that tell him he looks like Ryan Reynolds I will gladly accept that compliment for him! Here is a sneak peak into our adventurous lives!