Meet Ashley


Hey There!

I am currently living in Arizona with my hubby and two puppies. My life looks like throwing on a backpack for the next adventure or binge watching Game of Thrones in the middle of the night. When I'm not drowning myself with work and connecting with new couples I'm usually at a local pub getting a beer with a friend! Who cares about getting a little beer belly when life is this good?

I try to never take myself too seriously and it shows in my work. I do my best to create an organic environment for fun and authenticity.  I feel like I always embarrass myself.  If you turn around in the middle of a session I'm probably twerking to get your attention. What can I say - I LOVE REAL LAUGHS! Plus, everyone feels awkward as hell getting their photo taken. Most of the time I feel like us women are dragging our men along to photoshoots and they are simply counting down the minutes. Im hoping to eliminate some of that by making it laid back and carefree while still getting all the badass shots we need to make the memory last. So just relax, we are probably going to end up being friends anyways so don't even stress it! ITS GOING TO FUN!

 Lets create some magic, yeah?